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Laptops in today’s times are not just a luxury item but have become the necessity of the times. For each and everything, we need the internet and mobile phones are not always the best option to do our work. Though the mobile phone is handy the work which a laptop can do that mobile cannot do with the same efficiency and that’s the reason why both things are still in the market and are equally in demand.

The lifestyle has become such that even the kids need a laptop or a computer to complete their projects, assignments, research work. Computer nowadays is not just limited to the stand-alone system loaded with software. Computers have become the ocean of the knowledge as everyone cannot remember that amount of data thus it makes the things easy with plenty of data available on just clicks.

Now the point comes which laptop or computer to buy and how to evaluate the configuration of the system that will suffice your needs. There are many types of users and all have a different requirement as per their needs. Some might just want to surf the internet and use basic apps of the system. Another group in which they need specific kinds of the software’s to run like billing software and similar. Next group of users is who heavily use the system and they need a fast processor for the fast processing of their heavy work like designing, graphics, videos, CAD and such high-performance software.

So the component configuration is very important. Coming to component lets quickly list them and categorize them according to the usage.

Processor – The latest dominantly used are Intel i3, i5, i7, and i9 is the latest and is the most expensive. Of course, the price according to them differs. The cost keeps on increasing respectively so are the performance of the system. The latest version of the processor the more performance you can expect from the same. Coming to AMD, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 and latest is the AMD Threadripper Processors and many more are in the list.

So which one to select?

The selection can be very tricky for some as there can be the struggle between the choice of the budget or the performance. Let’s see what to compare when it comes to choosing a good processor:

  • Specs. A look at each processor and their specifications.
    • Clock speed, or Gigahertz (GHz)
    • Cores and Thread
    • TDP, or Thermal Design Power
    • Socket
  • Overclocking. Which processors are locked and unlocked for overclocking, and what you will need to do so.
  • Upgradability/Longevity. Some processors and motherboards can be used for multiple generations, some only a single generation.
    • Ryzen will work with a motherboard chipset from an older generation and vice versa.
    • Intel CPU is limited to a specific generation. A 7th generation Core CPU will not work in a chipset for an 8th generation Core CPU.
  • Value. What each company offers to give you the best value for your money.
  • Gaming Laptop/ Gaming Computer. What you’re all really here for. Which processor is the best one for gaming? The bottom line is if you were looking for a serious gaming CPU, then you’d be choosing Intel though it might sound you to be a bit on the pricier side.

RAM: The More the better performance, but for me, 6 GB of RAM id sufficiently good with Intel Core i3 will run pretty smooth.

HDD: The basic hard disks coming these days are 1TB so that’s a sufficient amount, but if you want more than it can be increased or you can get the SSD installed at additional cost.

SSD: This is one of the interesting things coming up these days. It boosts the speed of the system 100 times faster. So if you decide to get SSD installed later then you can do that too. DVD Drive is removed in this case in case of the laptops.

Motherboard: A good motherboard can take the performance of the system from low to high level.if the motherboard does not support then even a good processor and graphic card will not be able to deliver their best performance.

Plus there are many other factors that are to be considered. Preference between budget and specific requirements will make your final decision.




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