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 Good News is that you Jabra Elite 65t Active give a tough competition to Airpods for iPhone and Android.

The technology is taking lifestyle to all different level. Wired headphones, then wireless and now earbuds, the more compact and small, the more advanced the technology is giving gadgets to the new lifestyle. There are some brands which are already offering some of these features music, calls, noise reduction sensors, battery charge tracking, noise modification.

Let’s talk about Jabra Elite 65t Active truly is third generation true wireless product with Bluetooth 5.0 without any call dropouts. It’s the only brand that is compatible with the iPhone. With 5 hours of battery life from a single charge, max to 15 hours in total. With the touch of the button be able to hear and be more aware of your surroundings, HearThrough technology enables easy filtration of the surrounding sound.

Touch Button performs various functions like volume up / volume down, next track/ previous track. The multifunction button

  • On Press the button – play/pause music
  • Press the button when you receive an incoming call – Answer/end call
  • Double-press the button when you receive an incoming call -Reject call
  • Hold the button for 1 second when not on a call -Voice assistant
  • Double-press the button – HearThrough on/off

The capacitive button function allows easy and convenient usage of the earbuds, integrated with access to Amazon Alexa, Siri and google assistant. An algorithm senses the direction from where the noise is coming and automatically chooses the best mic to make the voice incredibly clear and 4-microphone technology deliver excellent call performance. The 30-degree curved design of the microphone tip reduces wind noise – with perforations optimized for acoustic performance and wind flow around the microphone tip.

The ear is a great place to track steps, heart rate, falls, and even brain waves that can indicate focus. It’s also a good spot to place galvanic skin response sensors that can detect stress. The companies are trying to completely bridge the gap between the hearing aids, personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), and bio-monitoring applications so as to monitor the health.

Jabra Elite 65t Active model has a built-in accelerometer, which makes it a capable fitness tracker. The HearThrough feature automatically turns on to allow in ambient noise.

The Elite Active 65t are IP56 rated, which means they are dustproof and waterproof, so feel free to wash them after the run. The silicon makes it non slip membrane and that fits well in your ears. The Elite Active 65t offers perfect sound, especially for workouts, because the noise-canceling in-ear tips block out most noise. The bass can be of course set according to the runs.  The buds come in the chargeable case.

So overall the verdict is they proved to be a great addition to workouts, delivering high-quality sound and sweat & dust resistance. Go online and buy Jabra Elite 65t Active if you are Android lover.

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