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Nowadays printers are essential part of day today school, office and general works. It happens so many time with me, you that we create an emergency to buy a printer when we need it urgently and then we run to a printing shop. Yes, buying a printer is easy but keep on using it so it does not get stuck or jammed is one of the issue that we have faced when we have printer.

Deciding factor is very important that what to buy and how to categorize the printer that you want. Of course you cannot expect one single printer to perform exceptional at all functions, there is be a bit variation.

Inkjet Printer:

This is all time player and a winner in the market based on the budget and okay type output. It sprays the ink on the paper slowing the speed of the printing but the printers with the latest technology nowadays can print sharp text very quickly and very high quality colour photos onto paper sizes up to A3. Some can even print onto blank CDs. That just about covers everything anyone would want to print, which is why inkjets are so popular for home users. But the ink used in this proves to be expensive.

Laser printers

For heavy usage lasers turn to be the best bet as they are quite fast and low running costs make them ideal option. Since quite a long time the cheapest laser printers could only print in black and white – but now colour models are also available that too at affordable price.

The colour laser printers that come with low price aren’t a good option though as compared to inkjets for printing photos. But they’re fine for coloured documents, text and graphic mixed etc. Laser printer has a drum with black fine powder so the print quality is quite crisp as there is no involvement of any water to dry.

Inkjet or laser?

The first question all printer buyers must tackle comes down to a simple matter of what and how much you plan on printing.

Color inkjet printers comprise the bulk of the market simply because they can print just about anything: Essays, pie charts, or glossy photos, you name it. And today’s inkjet printers and all-in-ones are fast, often with print speeds that rival or surpass their laser counterparts.

Laser printers are still a good bet for office settings when most of the printing that you need to do is in monochrome. For the most part, monochrome laser printers can be purchased at affordable prices, offer good print speed, and in most cases, provide prints at a lower cost per page than a color inkjet. But you have to decide whether to give up the flexibility that a color inkjet printer offers. Color laser printers are another option, but they generally have a higher cost per page printed than a color inkjet.

For home use, a multifunction unit makes a lot of sense, not only because it’s cheaper than buying a printer and a standalone scanner, but also for the sake of saving room. All-in-ones are extremely recommended for home users.

Supply costs

Remember the mantra “give away the razor, sell the blades”? This old saying is still very applicable in printer business. The companies play there smart role by attracting the consumers with unimaginably low prices on their budget printers, as they know they can charge customers over and over again when it comes time to replace the ink cartridges.

So do good researches on the cost of replacement supplies before you decide which printer to buy? You have to think what to do when the initial cartridges finally run dry. If you are going to use the printer quite often which include charts, pictures and such graphics then you can happily opt for inkjet printers. But study the number of the prints it offers.

Finally, investigate new models and ink plans. HP Printer offers an Instant Ink program that automatically sends you cartridges when your ink runs low, and promises a fixed number of pages for a fixed monthly fee. Both Canon and Epson now offer “ink tank” models which you can fill from small bottles of ink, providing a very economical cost per page, while Brother has a number of printers with multiple cartridges in the box so you needn’t run out to buy refills for quite some time.

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